The island of Kea (aka Tzia) is a famous and charming Cycladic island with age-old traditions and interesting history. Its landscape will catch your attention with its green fields, high hills, vineyards, olive groves, ravines, coves and secluded beaches. Visit the largest oak forest in the Cyclades and keep an eye out for the rich bird fauna. Explore its numerous caves (Trypospilies Cave at Kalamos, Agios Timotheos Cave, and Agios Panteleimonas Cave) and the mining area at Orkou. Follow the 81 km paths and discover four ancient city-states of the island (Ioulida – Karthaia – Korissia – Poieessa).

Kea is a famous sailing destination mainly due to its proximity to Attica. Its waters are great for divers as a large number of shipwrecks reside on the sea bottom.

It’s only a 1-hour trip from Lavrio port, Attica.

You can explore 4 underwater sights around the island: the HMHS Britannic (the sister ship of the RMS Titanic), the ocean liner SS Burdigala, the paddle steamer PS Patris and the German aircraft Junkers-52 (probably one of the most well preserved vessels found in the Greek seas).

Kea is an island that gets popular on summer weekends as a getaway for Athenians but it remains calm during the week. Some beaches, such as Gialiskari, Koundouros, and Korissia, are organized and boast tourist facilities. The rest of the beaches are small and secluded, ideal for enjoying privacy and isolation.

Its traditional vibes and quiet beaches offer visitors many moments of relaxation. Ioulida and Vourkari are the most picturesque villages to stroll around in Kea, while renowned beaches include Koundouros and Otzias. Trekking is a frequent activity in Kea, as hiking paths lead to unique sites. A short hike from Ioulida leads to the Stone Lion, while a much longer one leads to the archaeological site of Ancient Karthea.